Monday, July 30, 2012

packing lists

Packing packing lists lists lists. Up to my eyes in lists. Camping gear, food lists, charts and maps, fishing gear, survival packs, med kits, aircraft maintenance, kid maintenance, mosquito defense, bear defense, toys... and a toddler circling my legs, weaving in and around stacks of gear. What dis mommy? Don't move that luv. Me play with dis one now. No, please put that back it's not a toy.

We're leaving next week.

Thursday, March 24, 2011

Buildergrrl on idle

On the one hand, it's been a good time to have a baby. The way the construction industry has been rapid-cycling over the last 15 years, it's been difficult to imagine taking time off and jumping back into work without paying a severe penalty. It's still a man's business. Despite some nods to progress it remains rare to see a colleague granted time off for paternity leave without a bunch of grumbling, even if it is his right by law. And since I've known less than a dozen other women construction managers I've never seen a pregnant woman running a job, let alone take maternity leave. I've dealt with enough over the years that this was one barrier I wasn't all that eager to bust through.

Then came the "housing crisis." The construction industry fell on its ass. Hard. Easily 80% of the folks I worked with and did business with lost their jobs. Two years later the vast majority of them are still unemployed or just marginally employed. Taking a scan of the potential markets out there it looks like another two years before we see any kind of rebound in construction.

So here I am... full-time stay-at-home mom, ears to the ground for signs of life, tuning my network, pitching my resume for the scraps of work that make it to the job boards along with everyone else... and there are so many of us.

At least I have an ace in the hole. When I get asked what I've been doing for the past two years, I get to say, "I took time off to start a family." And that sounds a hell of a lot better than, "I sat on my ass looking for work in an industry that ceased to exist."

Saturday, January 02, 2010

Christmas flight

Christmas day was clear, cold and calm - perfect conditions for mountain flying. We headed up to the hangar after breakfast, loaded our camera gear, hooked up the Oxygen and took off to visit Mt. Baker. Following the Skagit River East to Concrete, we cut north along Lake Shannon and Baker Lake and climbed to the summit. We orbited there for a while, then crossed Austin pass to take a look at the ski area and the summit of Mt. Shuksan before heading home to Paine Field.

Here are 11 views of Mt. Baker (just shy of a full calendar set for 2010). Just click on the thumbnails below to see the full-size images.

Happy New Year!

Approaching Mt Baker from the south.

Summit looking west over the San Juan Islands.

Tuesday, November 24, 2009

A shak and a half

We spent most of August and half of September up at the Shak doing a few improvements. It started with pressure washing the deck and a new coat of paint, then scope creep set in. The next thing you know we were hauling up tools and 2x4's and windows in the back of the plane.

a fresh coat of paint

a little bit of framing

paint shop in the front yard

coming together

At the end of 4 weeks, a fully refreshed Shak-and-a-half.

Tuesday, July 28, 2009

Alaska 2009 Gallery

After countless hours of sorting, we've posted the highlights of our latest Alaskan adventure to our web gallery. Click here and Enjoy!

cb & mr

Monday, June 15, 2009

Postcard from Palmer

Stopped in Palmer to visit with friends and clean up a little. Had an easy trip up the trench to the Yukon. Spent a couple days fishing in Watson Lake - ate very well on lake trout, grayling and northern pike. Got a little smoky from forest fires there so we headed on to Alaska. Flew into the Wrangell/St.Elias mtns and spent a few days flying among the mountains, finding backcountry strips to land and generally getting our minds blown by the massive scale of the land here. 

Heading north through the Alaska Range this evening and will spend the next several days amid the foothills on the north side of Denali. 

Thursday, June 04, 2009

Gear List

Since you asked, here's the gear list for a month of bush-flying in Alaska. Much of it is now packed. The last challenge is stowing it all into the plane... (think clowns and VW's)

cargo net
spares: oil, alt belts, TW
headsets primary
headset backup
battery backup

430 database
MX20 database
496 database
496 weather
WAC charts
sectional charts - Alaska and Canada
canadian flight supplement
log books
handheld comm radio
window cleaner, bug remover
contact information for friends in AK
customs forms / phone numbers

Survival pack
cable saw
spectra hoist rig
med kit
clotting sponges
heat packs
cold packs
extra mosquito net
light sticks
cyalume signalling flares
light webbing, line
sport gel (calories)

Survival vests
PLB’s (personal locator beacons)
laser flares
first aid
space blanket
duct tape
heat packs
pocket survival kit
waterproof matches
blinky light

Bear Defense
bear cans
bear spray (supermax pepper spray)
bear fence
fog forn

Mosquito Defense
headnet hats
mosquito net
mosquito smoker and refills
bug zappers

sleeping bags
insulating pads
tent & stakes
plastic bags
garbage bags
alcohol wipes
camp stools
pad repair kit
day packs

sm snowpeak stove, windscreen
lg snowpeak stove, windscreen
fuel canisters
Cooking Gear
lg pot
med pot
sm pot
fry pan
folding spatula, spoon
sharp knife w/sheath
filet knife
food for 12 days
dish soap, sponge
salt, pepper, sugar, spices
ziplock bags - safelok

water filtering equip
sater storage - 3 days

spinning rods
spare line
lures, leaders, hooks, etc
grippy gloves

Med kit
percocet (pain)
ciproflaxin (antibiotic - severe infections)
promethazine (anti-nausea)
cephalexin (antibiotic - uti, rash, ear inf.)
vicodin (kidney stone)
flomax (kidney stone)
fluconazole (yeast)
neomycin (eye infection)
benedryl (bee sting, antihistamine)
diphen (antihistamine)
claritin (allergy)
clove oil
benzoin swab (1)
bandaid liquid bandage
oral rehydration salts
clotting sponge
butterfly closures
safety pins
hydrogen peroxide
abdominal pad
sterile pads
gauze sponges
latex gloves
pointy tweezers
med book

cameras & lenses
flash cards
external hard drive
camera battery chargers
usb jumpers
laptop charger
iPhone charger
spare batteries